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Frequent Questions


How much is an Electrical Condition Report ( EICR ) ?

This can vary from one location to another and will depend on a number of factors such as the number of circuits at the location, number of rooms in the property etc. As an example however a 1 bedroom apartment in outer London would cost £120.00 plus VAT and in Central London the same property would be £135.00 plus VAT. A typical 5 bedroom property would cost around £300.00 plus VAT in the London Suburbs and £315.00 plus VAT in the Congestion Charge areas.


My Electrics keep tripping out.. What is the likely cause?

There are a number of reasons for this. Whilst in most cases the problem tends to arise as a result of faulty appliances plugged into the electrical circuit, quite often the problem can be traced to the actual electrical installation itself. Our fault finding service frequently finds that where it is the latter it is because the wiring has been compromised in some way as a result of such things as loose connections to wall sockets or switches, rodent damage to wiring and water ingress to mention just a few. 


When do I need an electrical installation certificate in my home?

An EIC must be issued for all new electrical installations. It may also be required for an alteration to the installation, depending on whether or not a new circuit has been installed.


How much does an Electrician charge per hour?

This starts with our standard call out charge of £70.00 plus VAT which covers the first hours labour. This is our outer London rate. In the inner London areas our rate is £85.00 plus VAT per hour increasing to £15.00 within the Congestion Charging zone. Any subsequent time is charged in half hour increments of £35.00 and £42.50 plus VAT respectively.


How much does it cost to install an Electric Vehicle Charger at home?

At-home electric vehicle charging points cost anywhere between £850 to £1500 to buy and install. This cost can be reduced by opting for a slower less powerful charger. These however aren’t always compatible with newer car models and may fail to charge your car fully overnight.


Is it a legal requirement to have an Electrical Installation Condition Report before selling my home?

You do not need to provide an EICR in order to sell a property, although it will likely give a prospective buyer peace of mind.


Do I need an Electrical Installation Safety Certificate before renting a property?

It is a legal requirement to have a valid landlord electrical safety test in place for a rental property prior to letting. This electrical safety check must be renewed every five years.